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Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough
Act 3 - Third Sun

The first part of this act is different from previous acts in that it's a different kind of sneaking mission. You have a person you're trying to follow, and you need to stay behind him without him noticing you're there or alerting the PMCs of either of your locations. One important note is that you don't need to stay in disguise here - civilian or not, you're not supposed to be out on the streets. Stay about a block behind the resistance member and always have some object that you can hide behind in case he turns around suddenly. The paths he takes tend to vary, so this guide might not cover specifically where he goes. There are a couple different situations that will arise, though, so let's deal with those.

First, if you lose the resistance member, he won't "advance" - you need to follow a resistance member to advance the plot. If you lose him, use the signal interceptor to mark his general location on your map and try to find one again. If you lose a resistance member, the next one will be in roughly the same area, so you can't just let him go ahead and catch up later.

Secondly, if the resistance member sees you, he may choose to attack you. Run away, but stay aware of his location. He'll eventually double back and start down his path again. Third, if PMCs notice the resistance member, take them down with silenced weapons before they take him away. Fourth, if you use lethal methods, the PMCs will get more suspicious, and if the PMCs go into caution or alert mode, the resistance member will run and hide.

Follow the rebel down the street. When you see a set of stairs to your left, go up them. From the balcony, take down the PMCs on the street. There's four PMCs on the first street. Follow the path around (don't go down yet) and take out the PMC on the west street. After the resistance member has passed, get back down and shadow him again. Stay low and follow him north, through the park. If he starts to get suspicious, there's a statue here that you can get up on and use OctoCamo to blend in with. Take out the PMCs ahead of his path before he notices them (you can do this while he is relieving himself). Follow him out of the park. He'll head across an empty street down some steps. Stay on him and clear any PMCs that show up in his path. Eventually you'll be led to the midtown sector.

Move quickly and catch up with him. The contact will move forward, then come back to stare at the poster. Hide behind the van while he does this. If you look at the poster in first person mode, Snake will say "Akina!" (the actress' name) and sweat will build up on the camera - just a little tidbit/easter egg. Keep following the rebel down the street. There'll be a helicopter with a spotlight. Shoot the spotlight with a bullet (tranqs don't work) - this will result in the next section being easier, but also a caution status. It's easier to do the next section with the light shot out, but at the same time you might also lose the resistance member when dealing with the reinforcements. After you've dealt with them, move forward to the riverbank. Tranq or kill all the guards in the area (above and below the bridge, to the right and left sides), then head down the stairs on the left. Follow the resistance member (if you didn't shoot out the helicopter's light, you'd have to dodge the beam here). He'll cross the river and head down a tunnel. Don't go into the tunnel immediatlely after he does - he'll walk down it backwards to foil pursuers. When he moves on, chase after him.

There's another helicopter with another searchlight. Shoot it out or dodge it, then follow the resistance member up the stairs. Watch out, a guard will come down the ladder on the right-hand side if you shoot down the searchlight, so you've got to take him out pretty quickly. Follow the resistance member up to the top of the bridge and follow him down the street. There'll be a pair of guards ahead, so take them down before he gets to them. It's most likely that they'll spot him, so you can at least take them down before they get him. He'll run off until the caution cools off, then continue his route. Around the corner are two more PMCs who will attempt to bring him in. Take the one on the left first, then the one on the right. He'll run off and eventually continue his route again. Use this time to charge your Solid Eye battery. Once he's back, follow him into the next section

This next square is completely full of PMCs, plus another helicopter. Take out the light first and foremost - the helicopter is moving around, so it might be a difficult shot. Begin taking out PMCs immediately, starting with the ones in the back. Go for headshots; you can't afford to mess up here. If you just leave them alone, the PMCs will catch the resistance member. The Mosin Nagant will quickly and efficiently take out the PMCs. Just watch out for the two patrolmen who are alerted by the helicopter, if you choose to take out the light. Once they're all taken care of, follow the resistance member to the left. You'll be in the Midtown N Sector.

The resistance member goes and steals a uniform (unfortunately, you get no such bonus). However, he still walks like he used to, and he still whistles like he used to. Watch out for the vehicle that's making rounds. Stay behind the cars on their sidewalk side and move from cover to cover. However, you quickly encounter a checkpoint that the disguised rebel gets through easily, but that you'll have to evade. To the left of where you came in is an alley, but that's blocked off too. Head left one more alley (two alleys left from where you came in) and move north. There's a single patrolling PMC - much better odds. Take him out in whatever fashion you prefer (hide the body if you kill him, this will be important later), then press on to the left again.

At this point, you'll most likely have lost your contact, so use the signal interceptor to find him again. The interceptor will say he is to the east of your position, so head that way. Use OctoCamo and crawl slowly along the sidewalk to avoid the vehicle patrol. Move all the way around to the other side of that first checkpoint and you'll see your contact. Once you hear him whistle, move into a nook on the north wall. The contact will join a group of 3 PMCs, which will split up at several points. Follow him back across the street (watch out for the vehicle). He'll go through a little alley, then cross back over again. Keep on his tail. He'll go through a few reasonably empty streets. There will be a short scene eventually where the rebel gets back into regular clothes - if you are pressed up against something for camouflage, hit triangle immediately because the cutscene will actually remove you from the wall you are pressed against. Follow the resistance member and a cutscene will begin.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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