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Myst IV Revelation Walkthrough
Basic Controllers

This game can seem confusing at first. Where are the health bars, buttons to press? You need to sit back and let yourself relax. Myst IV is a slow paced game that is about looking around each environment to see what looks interesting.

Wave the mouse around in a given spot. You have a full 360 degree rotation in a circle plus up and down to look at. Your mouse will normally just 'tap' a spot if you click on it. Your finger will turn into a pointer if you can move in a given direction. Your hand will turn into a "clutchy" hand if you can pull a drawer, pull a lever or so on. Don't worry about gathering up an inventory.

If something can be investigated, you'll get a magnifying glass. Click once to zoom in and really take a close look. Right click to retreat to the normal view.

In your lower black area are your camera and quick-hop. First, the left. The furthest left icon is your camera. You can take 999 pictures of places, just for your own pleasure or to help you remember things. Simply point to the camera and then click on the scene. The counter will increment, showing you how many photos you have. The second item on the lower left is your photo viewer, to move through your pictures.

On the right is your quick-hop. It lets you easily get back to places without having to click-click-click walk to that new location. You can't quick-hop to any spot, but the game is smart and lets you to to the most likely places you'll need to return to.

Very quickly in a game you get a magic amulet which will flash when it wants to tell you something. That is usually just about any time you zoom in on something :) Just click on the flashing amulet to hear its message.

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