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Myst IV Revelation Walkthrough
Blue Water World - Getting Started

Your first new world! You get a long intro video to this place, looking at the shipwreck and water. You're going to learn here about the necklace. It is going to blink pretty much ANY time you zoom in, and you'll have to watch or listen to a little memory to learn more about the storyline.

Look at the shards on the floor, use necklace to learn the roof broke in. Look at the plunger on the right, at the little speaker symbol, and hear a rambling about being crazy. Look at the purse to see that Yeesha was running in fright.

Go out and left to the rubble pile. Touch the crab to make him hide :). Move the rock there to see a crystal beneath it. Look at it to see the dad and son fighting. If you go back to the room, on the left is a little tunnel, but it doesn't go far.

Back in the room is a table - touch it to get to the book which returns you to the main world.

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