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Myst IV Revelation Walkthrough
Red Rock World - Getting Started

In comparison to the wet, shipwreck world of the blue book, the red rock world is full of electrical clouds and black rocks. By the exit door is a book, learn that Yeesha agreed to teach the brother how to make his own worlds. This sounds like a reeeeally bad idea.

Go down the long stairs. You can stop at a purple crystal that doesn't work, and peer down into the distance. At the fountain at the bottom, you hear the brother asking about the matching painting. Go around to the left, to a path to a white crystal. The vision here is of the crystal glowing - but you can't work with it at the moment.

Look in the hole to your right and hear the brother thinking the linking book is in there. Go in there for a LONG slide, wheeeee! Finally you land.

Go to the electrical chain of devices and look out. You hear that he's using static electricity to power his devices. Now go to the left of this area to the cylinder, with 3 birds flying over a tower as its symbol. You hear this is a docking station with conductors being charged. Push the button on the left to open up this contraption.

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