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Myst IV Revelation Walkthrough
Turning On the Power

It's bad enough that you just fought with the radio dials, but now the power is out and you only get a garbled yelled message to know what to do next. Here's the essence of what you're told. Get the waterwheel going again to supply the power. Then contact him, turning on the roof antennae for the viewer.

First, look in the leftmost drawer at the book. It's dated 97.9.15. You get some of the story here and learn that the roof antennae uses geodes. The drawing has them in this order.

red - light blue - yellow - green - dark blue

OK, waterwheel first. Face the big window in this room and then turn around. There's an elevator there. Pull the lever on the right to open the door. When you go in, move the selector on the left to the middle position. You can't go to the lower floor right now. Down you go. Now on the right use the lever to open the door.

Go across past the plant to meet up with Yeesha again. She shows you a lizard she's found. She tells you about her necklace that she got. She says "my brothers believe me though". Uh oh, she's been chatting with the insane ones.

Go around the left side of this room, and then go right and down to the watery area. This is the waterwheel. Try pulling the lever and pushing the button - it doesn't have enough power. Look at the device though. It's marked with two symbols. It turns out everything in this area is marked with a symbol saying what power line it's on. These two items are on the circle-left and circle-right circuits.

Go back up to the main path and turn left (i.e. back the way you came). Past the greenhouse on the left is the biology room with incubators. Yeesha is here. She says that her dad blew the power again, and points you at the box. Not enough lights are lit up, you need a given power line lit up to the green spot to make it work. She then goes to watch her beetles making a nest, and then leaves.

OK, this is the light puzzle. There are six power circuits. We'll call them, from left to right:

* square with lines
* circle on bottom
* circle on left
* circle on right
* circle on top
* square with crossed lines

As you saw on the waterwheel device, it's the two center ones we want to get to light up. The way this puzzle works is that on the top row you click where the power is coming "from". Then on the bottom row you click on the button under where the power is going "to". That means that you can only click on top buttons that are beneath a line that actually has power :) This is like the classic Tower of Hanoi puzzle. You only want to fill the center two power lines up to the green spot - NOT to the red spot. If there are six lights lit on column 1, and you move them into a column that only has 4 lights total, it is going to fill all 4 of those spots and leave 2 behind. Now you can move the 4 to one of the two middle columns, or move the 2 to one of those two middle spots. All you care about doing is moving power back and forth until you end up with those two center columns having just enough lights to light each one to the green spot.

Once you do this, the game automatically pulls you away from the device. Go to the back desk for a book. It's about Catharine, who linked to Haven and didn't tell Atrus. She says in the bedroom that her sons were just a wall away. She talks about Anna's death.

Walk back to the waterfall and push down the top button. The water will woosh out. Walk back up to the main area and SHAKE SHAKE the world falls apart.

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