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Nox Conjurer Chapter 1

Chapter One for all three classes is really easy. You get amazed by the graphics, and a bit annoyed by the vision cone. In the Conjurer case, it's even more annoying - you're sent to Ix, which in Dune was the planet of the technology guys. I wonder if someone over at Westwood has a sense of humor ...

This chapter begins in tunnels with some really annoying shaking. Don't worry, the rest of the game isn't like this. There is a bear that is killed by a rock, and you learn pixie swarm. This is one of my favorite spells, so learn to use it often. You get a lesser heal past the fire, and there is a secret wall or two to break open, a rock to push to find a secret area.

In general you're really learning to walk and move, to pick up apples and steaks. Tell me, in the real world if you found a steak lying on the ground, would you eat it? You emerge at the entrance of town, and there already you're at Chapter 2. Talk about a huge step for not a lot of work!

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