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Nox Conjurer Chapter 2

Chapter Two is the town chapter. Just as you enter, looking for Aldwyn, a Necromancer comes and wows the locals with some spiders. All you hear about now is the icky spiders, especially from the women who are all shrill with horror about these spiders. These women live in a medieval town?? Ah well. Move northeast to the bridge, and talk to the guard about his boots that were stolen by urchins. Head south from there to find the elevator down.

The urchin den is amusing. Little urchins throw stones at you and then run screaming when you confront them. You in essence stab them in the back and kill them. Not very noble feeling. But, hey, you're trailer park trash, or so they say. Maybe they're so furious with you because you're constantly rearranging their furniture while you steal all of their valuables.

You find the bridgekeeper's boots and various other treasures, and head out the other side of the urchin den to the eastern bank of the river.

Here you find Aldwyn, who charges you 30 gp to learn how to charm creature. This is a great spell - now any creature that you find a scroll for, you can charm to join your party. Quite handy. Also handy is the gold which mysteriously is stored in various tree trunks around the forest. Don't ask me why.

As a note, I didn't steal anything from Aldwyn's house. Even trailer park trash has morals. However, the game seems to think you would. It doesn't seem to care if you completely ransack Aldwyn's house before leaving him with a smile. Let's try for a little believability here ... shouldn't he be annoyed? Why have stealable items in his house in the first place?

Anyway, you take a secret path from his house through a few spidery tunnels, back to the Mayor's house. Go into his house, charm the spiders and dispell them. The mayor does nothing! You have to go into the entry room and talk to him through the wall before he will emerge. He gives you 1500 xp which is usually enough to vault you to Level 2. Plus he gives you 500 gp which is enough for that bow you've always wanted.

Now go back to the bridge guard, who gives you a stun spell and 200 xp in return for those boots. Return, buy the bow and enter the archery contest. It's really easy to win that, and for a 20 gp entrance fee you make ... 50 gp. OK, it's not a lot, but it's fun. You do get 500 xp.

That's it for the town. Ho, hum. About now Aldwyn flies in, and claims a nearby Mine is in need of Your Help. You're off again, on to Chapter 3.

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