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Nox Conjurer Chapter 3

Chapter Three is your first venture out of town. You head down to the crossroads, where a bunch of merchants have set up shop. That can be handy! You're heading west, to where the mines are, killing a few imps and wolves along the way. I love to have a wolf or two with me, especially when descending into dark and nasty mines. You can't get him yet, tho.

The lesson of the mines is to shoot out any XXX barrels you see - often they break open secret areas. You talk to several mines people, each insisting you help them. Follow the one guy down into the mines, where he'll wait in the middle for you to rescue his friends.

Start by heading northeast - there's a wolf there to charm there. The other doors off that main room each lead to a person to rescue. Work your way to each one, bringing them back to safety. When you finish with this level, the mine worker will let you down to the next one.

There's a moral dilemma here - if you're supposedly helping these miners, why are you breaking open every barrel you find and stealing all of their gold and food? Aren't these the supplies of those poor hard working miners? Yet another unanswered question in this bizarre game. In any case, this bottom level of the mine has various monsters, but all of the miners are in one room. You'll know you're there when you come apon a huge room chock full of XXX barrels. Leave your charmed creatures at the safe end, and run through the barrels to open the door. Lure the nasties out into the barrel field, and then explode it. Instant BBQ!!

Now that the monsters are all flamed, head in and rescue the remaining workers. Everyone will be eternally grateful for your assistance, and you'll get 500 gp for your troubles. There is, of course, no rest for the weary. The Captain has a new task for you, and as soon as you stock up at the Merchant Center, he's ready to head off again into Chapter Four.

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