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Nox Conjurer Chapter 4

Here you talk to Jandor-Captain, who decides you must now visit the Field of Valor. Didn't he promise to take you back to your snug trailer park in the everglades? No matter, off you go. This is an interesting map set - coffins and breakable walls everywhere, fists slamming down from the ceiling and skeletons and such. You get a flame staff and meteor powers. You find Hecubah in there, all right, up to no good with her orb.

She runs off, leaving you to face her necromancer. Just meteor him a bit, until you smash him into oblivion. His dying curse is that you'll never leave the crypts. You will, of course - just drop down to the next level. You're not done yet, though.

You wander through several dungeons, and you eventually hit the Guardian of the Crypts. As a conjuror, just keep running away, healing, and pixie swarming. You'll wear him right down and become Ruler of the Crypt.

You'll have to destroy tons of zombies, that roast nicely in a fire. You'll find a room where every square caves in. If you have push & pull you can just suck the fireball staff into a hole and down to the room below ... otherwise you go around to the back of the room and you can double-jump across to grab it.

By now you're dying for the level to end so you can sell off the items you have. But you still have to reach the Keeper of Souls. Be sure to grab the Protection from Shock to the left of his entrance sign. He is pretty evil with his zaps, so do the swarm-run-heal combo until you get him. He stops zapping you when you hit him, so always have a swarm ready. That's it!

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