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Nox Conjurer Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is the Horrendous chapter. The Conjurors and Warriors are buddies, so you don't have to sneak in or anything. Just go through the necro and skeletons outside the nice stone gates. There's a store to the right to stock up on items.

You get an escort - go into the castle to the north. Fight various bad guys including another necro You'll get a litle army with you - try to keep them alive, fighting through skeletons and zombies.

Eventually you hit Horrendous, who challenges Hecubah to a duel. Dumb, dumb. he loses, and a necro runs off with the halberd. Chase her and the necro through various levels ... when you catch and kill the necro, you get the halberd and go on to the Heart of Nox!

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