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Nox Multiplayer

Nox multiplayer is amazingly fun! The Quest option lets you carry characters from level to level, building up spells and weaponry as you go. The 'Capture the Flag' is my other favorite - as you try to grab the flag of the opposing team while protecting your own. Both test your skills against live humans while working with teams.

There's a few basics to know about multiplay, in addition to the basic Nox skills you should already have become familiar with. First, communication. Use -ENTER- to talk to people, and J for taunt, K for pointing, and L for laughing.

If you're with a group, give items to the appropriate class. If you're a wizard and find warrior items, don't horde them! If you trade things you get, chances are you'll receive when your pals find things you could use. To trade, simply drop the item and let the other person know it's for them.

The BURN spell is great if you can cast it - just cast it once and the object will keep burning merrily away. This is great for monster spawns.

Your friends show up on the mini-map - if you're trying to get to an objective, try to stay together. It's hard to explain to someone how to find you otherwise.

Unlike Diablo 2, the Quest game doesn't get harder automatically when more people join. Work together to take on monsters, and share treasure. Strangely, gold is weightless, so gather aplenty! The ankhs are available to all, so if someone finds one, it should be announced to everyone else so they can all gain lives.

If you gain a multiple of 5 level, you get a portal to jump to that spot in Quests. You don't need to replay levels 1-4 if you're already Level 5 - you can just go there quickly! Whoever creates a game creates it with the portals for their state.

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