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Nox Warrior Chapter 1

Chapter One for all three classes is really easy. You get amazed by the graphics, and a bit annoyed by the vision cone. For the warrior, your lessons in your rivalries come very early - as soon as you walk into the town, you watch a wizard get hauled off!

You find out you need a petition before you can run The Gauntlet. Everyone seems to be talking about this Gauntlet. Maybe it's an old glove? Time to find out. Go around and explore. There are stores, barracks to the left, an orchard to the north. Talk to the machinist guy and let him know you'll take care of those pesky bats.

Kill the bats, go north and kill the rest in the caves and the imp. Go back to the machine room, and just to the north of it is a secret cave. Sounds good. When you are ready, get the petition from the machine guy and head into Gauntlet-land. That's it for Chapter 1!

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