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Nox Warrior Chapter 3

The Warrior Chapter 2 is the Gauntlet Chapter. Horrendous welcomes you to the Gauntlet - a test of your skill. You get to watch someone else die before you begin, never a very encouraging sign.

You start out in lava areas. You hit an island area with a switch and spikes - simply jump into a spike area to kill the troll that comes after you. In another area there's a wave of spikes going in and out. You can time it pretty easily to run straight down the middle while they move out and then in again.

When you finish the gauntlet, they want you to save the poor elevator guy. What are you, the caped crusader? Once you go down into the hole you can't come back up, so be ready. You're now in the sewers. Head north first and clear it out, then go south and pull the switch. Wait for the spikes to go past before heading south.

Go along a corridor following the spikes, and duck into a niche in the wall to let them pass you so you can continue down the corridor. Go through the gates and kill the slugs. In another slider area, kill the spiders off. Go down the elevator and break open the island in the middle for some gold.

The spikes to the left also have a secret area north of them. Go down to get a key, then around and up for Chapter three!

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