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Nox Warrior Chapter 3

The Warrior Chapter 3 is a huge chapter. You're supposed to go help Ix. It's a haul just to even get there! There are caves with trolls, leeches and bats. There's a secret cave to the west off the room to the very north in this section. You go out through a checkpoint. Now there's a bandit to the west - you can lure him back down to the checkpoint if you just want the guards to kill him. Just north of the bandit area are wolves to the east.

Past this area are merchants to sell items and restock. Now keep going north. To the east is a path to the bandit camp. Past there is a hermit - depending on your timing he could want spectacles from the bandit camp, or he could be dead. Past this area is (finally) the town of Ix.

This is a regular town, with lots of shops and places to explore. Your task is to head north and east to the cemetery. There are TONS of urchins in here - warcry will slow them down, but they'll still pelt you with rocks. If you go south through the fence you'll get gold. Head north again for caves and urchins.

Further north are caves and a locked room. At the very far north is a sapphire key to get you into that room. You'll find neat stuff, including a mace of collision. Very nice to bash your enemies with. Go around into the middle of the area, and drop into the cole. Be prepared - conjuror urchins will try to kill you. Bash them instead.

Go around to find the brother, who dies after talking to you. There are skeletons around - take the elevator up and head back out. The Mayor thanks you. Visit the shops, and repair, sell and purchase things before talking to the Captain. That's it for Chapter 3!

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