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Nox Warrior Chapter 4

All classes go through the Field of Valor. It's sort of the convergance point. Go to the merchant first - this is a Looooong level where you're constantly having to leave stuff behind because you're full.

First off, go around to the bottom left. There's a secret area there, with spikes and ghosts. This level in general is about learning about fire traps, Fist of Vengeance traps, and so on. Lots of tombs to raid, skeletons, zombies.

Eventually you get to the necromancer and Hecubah, and see her try to raise zombies. She fails. The necromancer turns on you - he's easy to kill wish some stuns and berzerker charges. Head into the hole.

Now you have more zombies and skeletons. Go NE, SE, get the key through the grate. Now go NE through the door and get the gold key. Back around. Before you go through, check out the multi-coffin room. There's a secret room in here to the north. Now go through the gold key door. More coffins, skeletons, down two times, and past the flaming shots.

The Barbaric Guard of the Crypt is also pretty easy to kill with a few stuns and charges. Go along. You'll hit a room with treasure in the middle, where the whole floor collapses. Go down and around, and back from the south. It's much easier to jump from this side. Wend your way along, and grab the protection of shock to the north of the Keeper of Souls. He's zap-happy. Stun and kill him, and you're out!

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