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Nox Wizard Chapter 1

Chapter One for all three classes is really easy. You get amazed by the graphics, and a bit annoyed by the vision cone. For the Wizard, you are looking for Horvath, who is in need of an apprentice. You're mostly learning how to walk and wander. First, go north and hit the wall, to find the secret area. Wander along to find the Magic Missile spell and urchins to shoot with it. I love magic missiles because they're seekers - you can shoot while you run from the attacker.

Go north and open the trunk on the left. Tree trunks for some reason hold gold! Go past the house to find a trunk to the north and a secret area on the left by the barrels. Now go towards the door to activate the little movie of Horvath saving you.

Horvath wants you to find his apprentice. Talk to him a second time to get a Lesser Heal spell. Go out through his back gate. Around the back sides of the house you'll find gold to the left and mana to the right. Now head into Urchin land.

In general search every room, opening chests and killing the poor little urchins. The top left, with the water in it, has a secret room to the north. The top middle room with the button in it opens a door and lets a big spider in. Be ready for it. The room that teaches you how to put out fire with water barrels has the key you need. The top right has an Urchin Scroll.

When you get back to the prison door with the key, the poor apprentice is dying. He says it was the necromancer that did it. Pick up his belongings, including the Lightning Spell, and return to Horvath. Horvath is saddened and takes you on as apprentice.

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