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Nox Wizard Chapter 2

Chapter 2 has Horvath taking you to Galava, telling you to meet him in the Tower of Illusion. This is a huge building at the north end of the map, so spend your time roaming around the town and finding all the shopkeepers. To the south is a Warden who wants you to find Morgan Lightfingers for him. Conveniently the entrance to Morgan's den is right across the street in an alley, down a hole.

Head down the hole and run back and forth to the mana while you fight Morgan's team. You'll get the Push spell in a room to the west. Right opposite this room is a secret room to the east. Use the Push spell on the chair in the barred room to push the chair onto the trigger pad - the bars will open and you can get into the room beyond for treasure.

In the last room is Morgan himself. He gives himself up and follows you back up the elevator. Use the red button to turn it on. The Warden meets you at the top of the alley and gives you 500g as a reward. Not too bad! You also get 100g from Max at the inn to the north. There's gold to the left of the main entrance as well. Use this all to equip yourself well. Finally, head north to the tower.

You're told to head south to find Horvath. The room to the north has Lewis, doing frog experiments. Turn him into a frog and then leave him. From this point I am very careful not to kill any frogs :) Talk to Horvath and learn you need the Amulet of Clarity and the Book of Oblivion. Go down the elevator.

You see a little video of the necromancer guy. No need to run after him, he'll be at the end waiting for you. Go west and south, and take the potion in the room with the table to open a secret door to the southwest. You'll hit a room with four mana in its middle, and the Swap spell. Go in there to be safe from the spiders, and when you're ready to leave the cage, simply Swap with one. Head northwest, southwest, then down the stairs.

You'll get a Force Field spell which is very important. Always have this on. With a force field spell going, you can never be killed on the first hit. You simply lose the field. Now you meet the minion with his 2 spider pets. Kill them, and continue along. The library room has a secret door in its center cube. The northwest has mana and spiders. The southeast cube is chock full of urchins, so be wary.

To the far south is a trigger plate - push a crate onto it. There's a gold key in to the south. The northeast has spiders and a secret door to the south. You're now at the spike corridor. Use magic missiles to push the buttons. You can also jump across the spides. You'll now hit a central room with doors to the nw, w, and e. The two side rooms each have spiders and secret rooms off of them. They connect back to the spide corridor. The main exit gets you a passage around to a spider scroll and to the necromancer guy. He falls into a pit, yelling about Trolls. Jump in after him. You've now got the book.

There are indeed trolls down here. Watch for their green gas when you kill them, get the Bat beast scroll, and your best weapon, the Sulfurous Staff of Recharge. This staff recharges when you hit a mana obelisk. If you use it to zap open barrels and secret doors, you don't need anything else. Bring the book up to the Archivist, who gives you the Amulet. Bring both to Horvath who is duly impressed. Now, of course, he wants something else.

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