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Nox Wizard Chapter 3

In A Dangerous Errand Horvath wants you to get the Amulet of Teleportation from his buddy Stravas. He sends you out the bookcase in his room to a secret route. You'll find Breneth once you get down the elevator, who says it's broken. So you're stuck until you finish the mission. You need to find a Sapphire key to get back around as well. Head on in.

You'll meet a TON of spiders, and in essence move from mana group to mana group, clearing out the monsters near each one. Use the staff to spray all of the walls and the Magic Missiles to fire while you're running around. You'll hit a second mana pair, a long corridor, then a third mana pair by barrels. There'll be slugs near here. A door to the east leads to three fighters, the one to the west an archer and the PULL spell. Pull the water to the fire to get money and a Wasp beast scroll.

The corridor to the south leads to another door with three fighters. The room in there has a secret area to the north. You'll hit another double mana, a few more monsters and then the cave mouth.

You're now in another cave area. Go in and south to find the monsters. A mana is to the middle south. There are guys hiding behind slits in the wall - fireball them to kill them. You'll find a Troll beast scroll in a box to the southwest. Only when ALL the areas are explored go up the long NW coridor - once you go up a rolling rock seals you in. It's a royal pain to push it back.

There's a shopkeep here - sell anything you've collected and repair anything that's damaged. Stravas' house is in the middle of the map. Explore everything else, including the trolls to the left. Now go into his basement. You'll find he was killed, and a cellar area. Leave the froggies alone :) You'll have one bandit come down - kill him. Now when you go back up the bandits will hammer you. Keep going up and down to recharge and heal. Soon you'll kill them all. Go north by the windmill to kill the last two and to find the hole down to their lair.

You'll find a secret area to the north, and a silver key. You'll hit mana and a door. Power up. Next you'll meet Gilgore who admits to killing Stravas. Spin around him in circles to Magic Missile him and heal up - you'll kill him and his buddies. Get the Amulet of Teleportation and head south. There are more spiders. A rock to the east leads to a spider den. To the far north is a hole.

You'll find some scorpions to kill and the sapphire key. Head back to the starting point, and give the amulet to Horvath. Now he says the Hamlet of Brin needs his help. No rest for the weary!

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