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Nox Wizard Chapter 4

This is the infamous Field of Valor level that all types of character have to go through. Lots of underground crypts and tombs. Get yourself fully prepared, then head into the crypt. There's mana straight ahead, with bats and a book of lightning. The layout of this is annoying - rooms are surrounded by corridors, so there's no way to know which you've been in already. It's very maze-like.

You go down into a hole, and now there are skeletons. They can block your magic missiles, so bank shot around them. Go east and north to the big skeleton - fireball him. There are two chests here, and a hole which is where you head next.

There's a short corridor, and you come back up the other side. You reach a cool firetrap room. Lure zombies into the flames :) To the southwest are skeletons, to the northwest are more skeletons. Then go northeast to the four-mana room. Go southwest from here, through the fist room and down the stairs.

You get the Hecubah scene here. Blast the necromancer while you run and heal up - you'll kill him. Head into the hole.

Now you get 'burn' which is good for finishing off zombie corpses. You get the fireball spell by the magic blue fire. Go northeast, get the bat scroll. Pick up the silver key to the south (through the grate) then head north and east to the door. Grab the gold key, go back south again. There's anohter fire room, then head west and north. Shoot the button to stop the flames, then go down and down again.

You've hit the Barbaric Guardian of the Crypts. Use the leftmost 2 mana to prepare - if you go in further he'll appear. Kill him, head around to the wall trap room and out into the graveyard.

By now you're sick of the level and want to sell your stuff. But there's still more. You need a ruby key. Head south through the trap maze, get the key and go back north. Go over to the cave-in-floor room. Use PULL to suck the Channel Life spell to you, then drop in to get it. There's a long fenced corridor with a skeleton - be sure to explore both sides. Go around to the spike trap room, and then down stairs.

Now you've hit the Keeper of Souls. Go north to get protection from shock, and be sure to be wearing the sturdy robe of anti-spark and helm of anti-spark you've found around. Use tons of magic missiles and dodge! Once you kill him, you're done.
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Wizard Chapter 4

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