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Nox Wizard Chapter 5:
Ogres at Hamlet Brin

You now have to rescue Horveth. Isn't he the master?? You STILL can't sell anything. Head northeast. You find the town in flames and ogres all around. Gather up any ogre stuff you see (that you can hold) and find the shopkeep. SELL!! Now down to business.

Find Gerard to the north with his poor frog, Lewis. Rescue Lewis from the flames for some money. When you're done in town, head east to the outside, and up to the cave. Go through the spiders out ot the bridge area. Now you hit a series of ogres and wolves. Go around to the main camp. There is a cave to the north - go in it and down the hole.

There are spiders and bears, and a leech scroll. Go to the gate in the northeast. There are scorpions. north of the mana. To the south is an ogre scroll in the moving-spike room. Now go northest. Go left and right into buildings to trigger switches, killing the ogres in there. Now go up the middle - more ogres.

Prepare for the room with the door. You'll go in, it'll seal behind you and 6 ogres will try to kill you. Run around and magic missile - you should kill them all. Go down into a hole for more ogres and a secret room to the north. Back up again into the zoo. The switch opens all the doors. Now go up into the building with two ogres. You're nearing the end.

The central building has the Ogre Lord in it. Again, run and magic missile him. The left has the sapphire key you can grab through the grate. Don't go to the right room until you've cleared out the area - this has Horvath in it. The far right building has a book of haste. Now you have to walk all the way home with him.

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