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Nox Wizard Chapter 6:
Halberd of Horrendous

Now you have to break into Dun Mir. You get the lock spell and invisibility. Go up the northern path to find the guard's house and the silver key. One of the guards has a bronze key. Head into the sewers. You'll find another guard hut ... go down into the gear area. Use the silver key to go north into the sewers. Head up to the second floor, with lovely sliding spikes.

Get used to sneaking well. Stay invisible and move slowly along, not running. You'll get up to a thir dlevel with mana and a shopkeep. Finally!! Sell your stuff and buy some new items. Be sure to repair! This is a general area by the castle, so go explore. By the west are barracks, by the north is an apple orchard with caves. The machine building has gold beneath it, and a secret cave with gold to its north. A tavern is south. Head east into the castle.

There is a key to the northwest to get into the main door to the north. Grab it. You can go up or down. Down is just treasure and a few prisoners that the guards quickly kill. North are th emain rooms. You have to kill the guard here for the key to get to Horrendous.

When you get to his room, switch the switch to free your wizard buddies. Between you all you should be able to kill Horrendous pretty easily. Grab his halberd and leave - once you leave the first room you move on to the next chapter.

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