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Nox Wizard Chapter 7:
Heart of Nox

For the Heart of Nox you go to Galava Castle. Run around town and get items again. Then go into the tower to Horvath's room. Teleport up to him and touch the item in the center of the room. You get the heart immediately - but then Hecubah shows up. He tries to send you to Ix, but instead Hecubah kills him and sends you to the underground. Wheeeee.

There are ember demons everywhere in here. Head far right and go up. Use protection from fire a lot - jump over lava to the secret room to the north. There's a dragon cloak to the north (anti-fire), book of prot from fire to teh west, secret to the northeast, and a robe of dragon claw to the far southeast. To the far right, go up again.

There's an ember demon scroll to the east and north. This might be handy :) Head right and left again, then up.

Shoot the enemies in the window, then go around and north to a secret gold hideout. Head around and up by the hidey area, then south to a door.

There are nasty ember demons everywhere and lava. Lava and demons. Run around to all the areas, gathering gold and killing things. Your items pretty much get destroyed by the end of this mission. At the top is a teleport to the mid right door. Go in and fall down two levels to regular ember demons and a big brother of them.

Kill the bunch by running around and gathering mana. When you're done, go teleport to a small room, head up, and go northeast in the mines. That's it!

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