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Nox Wizard Chapter 8:
Wierdling of Ix

You head out into a forest, and are warned about the golem of Ix. Interesting. roam through the conjuror town, gathering supplies you might need. Go north to learn inversion. You go northeast to talk to Aldwyn, who gives you the key to the temple. Head into the cave and fight some bears, then cross the bridge with wolves nearby. Finally head into the building.

A priest warns you again. You go down a long corridor with holes in the floor. To the north are bats - grab the key and head down.

OK, your first encounter with spawning spots. These create monsters to fight you. East and south are scorpions. You go down another corridor then fight 2 beholders. Learn to zap and wand them at the same time and to reflect their shots. You'll be fighting lots of beholders! Another corridor and two more beholders. Yet another spawning area. Finally you get to doors to the north.

There's an invisibility book to the west, and another spawning area to the north with, yes, more beholders. A rock path to the north has no holes, and has a secret area. To the right is a big treasure room with some mimics. You go through here to more spawning spots and evil death plants.

You'll hit an area with bouncing green energy. Time your travel just behind them to get through. Next you hit a room with four energy balls. Just walk slowly behind them. You get out to cross a bridge to the south, then two more bridges. Now the fun.

You hit two bat-guys who create two golems for you to fight. Save before this - my game tends to freeze when I kill them both.

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