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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Port Llast: South - Charwood

First there's a middle map with a REALLY REALLY annoying pillar. There'sa journal by it that helps you read it. It has the words:

Gor-Atol - Nether - emperor - Might
Shall - always - never - does
rule - prevail - destroy - return

Guessing can drive you CRAZY. But if you go into the northwest corner, there's a chest with a note that tells you NETHER SHALL RULE. Like you would have guessed that! OK, press that to teleport into the haunted ruin. Tons of skeletons. Use the levers to open the gates. There's a mummy lord, with a glowing chest with a 2 sided axe. Some other random treasures and you're done.

On to the actual quest of the southern area. There are two brothers - Quint and Karlat. This town was destroyed by them and is now stuck in a Groundhog-Day sort of loop for eternity until you - the Judge - decide who exactly is guilty here. First talk to the townspeople. They're all spacey and don't know what is going on. Even the Mayor Mobley is not much help. In the Inn is a cult guy that knows about the Cult of the Eye, Desther and the plague war. Kill him to get his journal saying he's hunting for an artifact.

Now go up to the castle. There's a chest with a riddle key. The center path - straight is true justice. Pull the lever by the door and go in. The guardian tells you Karlat is to the west, Quint is to the east. You have to get their oaths about what they did to cause this misery. Head north and west to Karlat first.

Work down the left rooms. In the 1st room is Raksaska's Eye and a wand. In the second is the Journal of Karlat. He wanted to kill the kids to become undead, and tricked his brother into bringing them in. At the candelabra you learn the secret rite - protection of evil wand, fire beetle belly and fireball spell. Go onto the brazier room. Open the brazier and stick in a fire beetle belly. Now activate the wand (put it in a quick spot and hit the button) and then cast a fireball at the brazier. Belail shows up, a chaos demon. He says he told Karlat to do it even tho it didn't even help his ritual. He just wanted to cause destruction. He signs an oath to that. A chest to the right has Karlat's Key and a burning wand. To the southwest is the Tome of Fire. You learn that fire beetle bellies plus quartz crystals plus fireball = fire wand.

Clear out all the other rooms then go to Karlat. He claims it's his brother's fault the kids died. Show him the journal and talk to him about everything else and then get his oath.

OK now on to Quint. You find a letter to the northeast talking about a healer kit, clean bottle and spell cast on potion. In the center are mummies, ghouls and a desacrated statue of Lathander. West is the Tome of Death. Candelabras sit by childrens' books. Quint's Key is to the northwest in the inner room. To the lower west is Quint's Journal where he says Karlat siad to bring the kids in.

Go in and face Quint. He tole the phylactery - a jewel - and gaveit to Lathander. Get his oath. Go back and say that Belail did it - show the oath. You get 375xp. Take the phylactery to release everyone. Sure, Belail goes, but it's mean to keep EVERYONE else stuck in hell just to torment Belail too. Say that everyone must be free to choose good and evil for themselves.

The mayor says thank you, you get 299 xp and a chest of money. The town is now a ruin.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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