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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Port Llast: The Tower

OK, you have the pass and are heading into the tower. Show it to the gatekeeper for 250xp. Captain Islund inside wants it, convince him you're OK and he tells you Maugrim came long ago and the wizards are killing each other.

Head in. Yeanasha and Gurak Entrail Spiller are two people in here that both tell you about Maugrim. He's the leader and wants to form and army to attack Neverwinter. The army is led by Lady A. Head to the left room and kill the golum to get Lady A's diary, she's on a "path" and has a plan. Head north to start up the tower series, killing the monsters there. There are 9 floors total plus the Pinnacle. Along the way you're going to find portal stones which let you keep going upwards.

2nd floor. Blaskar is hostile, There are the 3rd, 5th and 6th floor stones in chests. The sw room hasthe 4th stone. Nothing else in the level.

3rd floor. Corpse with dispatch about Maugrim, he took control, turn loose the experiments. North is a blood war research journal, talks aobu the hellish and abyssal portals. Send opposite material to destroy them. To the southeast is the hellish one, to the northwest is the abyss one. In the northeast are lab notes about puttinga gargoyle skull and slaad's tongue into the desk and them dispelling magic on it. Stick a quasit eyeball in hell's portal and an imp's eyeball in the abyss one to shut them down.

4th floor. Southeast is a golem control rod. Desk has a note and ring, asks apprentices not to dump failed experiments in sewers. Hmmmm. Corpose has Arteno Journal. Says replication rod and control rod together in chamber to forum a golem. Sure enough, replication rod in the next room. North - put both into the coffin - golem comes and breaks open the door for you. Go in and kill Rimardo and other enemies. Corpse - letter - last golem killed a batallion of orcs. Make the next ones more stable. In the library is the 7th stone and a weapon.

5th floor. North - cultists. NW - tons of traps, 8th floor portal. Northeast - Nyphithys - asks you to free her. She'll help you with Maughrim. She says Valinda has stone to reach the sanctum, stone for her is here. Destroy the brasier, talk to her, get scarab of protection +3. Armoire has 6th stone, chest has 7th stone.

6th floor. Right is a library, ne is a prison. There are minotaurs and devourers in here. Vandra is in the northwest. The chest in the south bedroom has an 8th floor portal and a pinnacle portal.

7th floor. Prison with minotaurs. There are a few insane prisoners. The warden is in the center. You get a prison key and sanctuary portal key. You find Deltagar who says Arken fled, Maugrim wants to invade NeverWinter. Then he leaves.

8th floor. Vrock. There's a chest with a 4th floor stone and nothing else.

9th floor. You discover Arkhem has been watching you. Maugrim seeks the "words of power" - four artifacts. He has one already. "Histress wishes them all". Offer to free him and smash the four brasiers, killing each monster that appears. He opens the final door for you and then leaves.

OK, at the pinnacle. You find a corpse with a note indicating he was Aarin Gend's spy trying to protect Lady A. Ah well. Go down the stairs and in Maugrim's lair you'll get his yournal about the words of power. You're done in the tower, head back to Aarin. Note that talking to Aarin ENDS THE WHOLE CHAPTER so be sure you have done everything else before you do!! All of your chapter 2 related items VANISH after this. You're sent along to Uthgardt tribeland to start hunting for words of power.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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