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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
The Peninsula, Prison and Tanglewood Estate

First you talk to the Gate Captain Kipp. He says there was a prison break, and that Captain Alaefin set the prisoners free. He says the prison is to the southwest, and the HQ is to the southeast.

Head southeast. There's a pile of bodies near the HQ, set it on fire to help out. Now go talk to Sebile. She offers 300gp for help with the prison. She says that Alaefin was in charge. She says to watch for people outside the prison, that if you kill one they might have a key to get in.

A priest of Helm is nearby and will bless you if you ask.

To the east of here is a door with Jones of the temple of Tyr. Tell him you're from Oleff to see Briley. Go down into the tomb. Briley is in the door and says this is the tomb of Miaslaznia Fairblade. The journal is in the chest. He worries because some of the fellow Tyrites accepted blessings from the Helmites. The chest holds an ornamental sword, shield, arrow and the journal. The journal says the other three tombs are:

* beggar's nest - great graveyard
* docks district - nw quarter aqueducts
* blacklake district - southwest quarter

Apparently there's a riddle key to each door. The peninsula one opened by putting an emerald in the container by the door. It read "Diamond of the forest, if the seasons never changed". The three items you just found are the keys to the other 3 tombs.

Now head out. In the center is Master Johns who tells of tunnels beteen the prison and estate. The key is under the doormat of Tanglebook Estates. Escort him to the gate for +62xp and +3 pts good. There's another woman to rescue in the top right corner of the map.

Keep clearing out the monsters and prisoners. A gang leader is to the southwest. One is in the sewers in the southwest. A corpse by the fountain has the Sword Coast book. When you finish clearing out the above-ground area, it's time to head into the estate, in the northeast. You find Lady Tanglebrook downstairs, slain. There are firebelly monsters here. Head into the prison. Note that most doors can be bashed, or opened by finding the lever that opens them. If you head right, you meet Dhanu the Thug. There's an office to the north and levers to open the cells. To the left is a gang leader with guard dogs. You find a guard in the north cells that tells about the jailer setting the prisoners loose. He runs free now. Head west, grab the gauntlet in the chest, and head downstairs.

Emernik appears - follow him left and pull the lever. He says the head Gaoler is torturing guards and turning them into zombies. OK. Work your way around this level, resting when you get too hurt. There's a sorcerer in the center - kill him, raid the chests. Pull the lever to open all doors. You'll find a History of Creator Race in one. Now go downstairs to the east.

OK, the pits. Follow the maze to the center. The gang leader is in the top center. Now left, lever door, left, north. Kurdan Fenkt attacks you in an elegant room. When he surrenders, he says the Gaoler isn't the same inside. He says to talk to all the guards to get them away before you attack the Gaoler, otherwise he'll just hop into their bodies when his current body is dying. You get the Gaoler's journal.

Go down the final stairs and tell your henchman to stay put. Now go around to ALL four guards and tell them to run. You get 32xp and +1 good. Now attack the Gaoler, then the Intellect Devourer inside him. You get the brain and 200xp.

Back to Aribeth. She takes the brain. If you deny the 500g she tries to give you, you get +10 good and gain the title of "The Benefactor". She asks you to go to Beggar's Nest next. Tell Bethany of the safety and get +3 good. Saulter and Maureen are happy to hear it's clear and just go in. Sebile offers you 300g and you get +3 good if you refuse to take it.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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