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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Beggar's Nest

OK, phase 2 of "gotta catch them all". There are undead nasties taking over the Beggar's Nest area, and only YOU can prevent their continued invasion. Lydia and Harris want to go back to the Beggar's Nest area. Mano, by the gate, talks about the Shining Serpent. Harben Ashensmith is organizing the people there. When you go through the gate, Gate Captain Ergus is worried about his friend Walters, who is somewhere in the northeast.

Start on the left. Siril, the baker is dead. Grab his recipe for Leaven Bread and fairy dust in the cabinet. The recipe is for a Henchman Quest. Just north is Jemanie whose brother Torin is missing. He says the house to the north is where the cult and creatures are. He gives you a key to get in - "estate ward stone". There are lots of zombies northeast of here.

You find the body of Marcus with his staff and journal. The NE area is blocked off. Just south of there is Kreshal who says the undead were Sword Coast Boys, his gang. Drawl the leader is now evil.

In the map center is Matally and Aldo. They're worried about Hector. Head southweast. In the wagon repair is Hector, get 100xp for bringing him back to the other two. The repair shop also has a forged letter with Lord Naster's seal for Hayden, and the Adventures of Grin, Richard and Wu-Wei. The forged letter is for a henchman's quest.

In the Temple of Helm is Bertrand, looking for Marcus. Give him the staff for 50xp, the journal for 100xp and then get a 400gp bonus and +3 good for giving him everything. You can shop in there.

The Shining Serpent Inn has Harben Ashensmith with random info, and Callahan who says there are warrens under the graveyard. Drake doesn't say much and there's nobody upstairs. You're attacked by random enemies and find a conspiracy note. Brin gthis to Fenthick for 250gp and 50xp.

Down into the warehouse and out the back door are some Sword Coast boys. Then you run into Drawn himself. Kill him for a +1 mace and grab weapons from the rack. Walters is in a cell here. He says Gulnan is behind this all. Let him know the zombies are gone for 50xp. Head down the stairs.

You're in the tunnels. A room to the southwest has a lever which opens the door to the north. To the top center is a big spider, kill with ranged weapons if you can. The door to the left is locked - it's what comes down from the cult house that you have the key for. OK north into the Great Graveyard.

One door here is for the Warrens of Damned. A note says "a wall at arms length". Put the ceremonial shield you got from tomb #1 into the container for the door to open. You kill a mummy and get the Ancient Chronicles of Halueth Never. It tells the life of Halueth and how he found NeverWinter. Take this back to Oleff for 200gp and +3 good.

If you want to explore the cult house now, there's a cult leader in the right of the house. There's a book on the shelf about Service of Gulnan and a door down into the other side of the tunnels.

OK back to the graveyard. Now go into the second door. You meet lots of talking zombies who threaten you and then die. The door straight ahead is locked so head around to the right and do the outer circuit first. You find Jared - free him. A book is In Service of Cyric. In the next room are lots of chests, and Gulnan's Journal. You also find a note from Gulnan and a book on the Religions of the Sword Coast. To the top right is a Zombie Lord. You finda corpse of Torin in the southeast. Back to the first door. In it is a few chests and sarcophagus. Now back to the top door.

THere are lots of zombies, a skeleton mage and Gulnan in here. She's a Yuan-ti. Lure the mages/skeleton over to one side to kill them (the mage first) without involving Gulnan. Then go kill her altar to weaken her for 200xp. Finally kill her off, being sure to run when she starts casting a spell at you. You can dodge most of them and just beat her down.

Head back to Aribeth for 150xp. Refuse her 500gp for +10 good rating. She says that Blacklake is next on your list. When you tell Lydia and Harris it's safe, they just go in. Tell Jemanie about his brother and get 100xp. Tell Harben and get 200gp and a +1 short sword. Drake just says thanks. While you're wandering around you'll be attacked again. You find an anonymous letter on assassinating you, signed by the eye. Bring this back to Fenthick for 250gp and 50xp.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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