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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Blacklake District

Phase 3 involves this lovely "No-Man's-Land". The guards warn you that tensions are rising in here. The nobles apparently are hoarding food and maybe the cure, and the natives are restless.

First, Cendran wants Loxar dead. On the second street you'll find Loxar and his dog in a circular building. Kill him to get his head, bring back to Centran for 100xp and +3 good. There's a book of Rise and Fall of Netheril in a barrel and random monsters. It's a really short map. Talk to Gate Captain Harn to get into the town proper, and learn that Meladen is hoarding food and Formosa is stirring people up about it. Also, Samuel is missing, and Thurin is looking for him.

Talk to Formosa to the right about the quest to get the key for the grainary from Meladen. Punkin to the left tells you about a bookcase that opens to the words "hal-you-eth". Inside, Telma tells you the same thing. In there is a tunnel with the clue "A splinter delivered in flight". Stick the ceremonial arrow in to get past the door. There are nasty swords in here, so you can just run past them and grab the sacred armor if you'd like. It's just one room with that one item to grab. Bring the armor to Oleff for +3 good and 200gp.

There are various noble estates on this map. If you're playing evil, you can steal things from them and do a quest to steal artwork, given to you in Moonstone Mask. I was a good character and left the houses alone.

At the Board Laid Bare, you meet Thurin who lost Samuel. When you rescue Samuel, Thurin offers 300gp. If you refuse you get +3 good and 125xp. If you talk to the bartender and give him the key you bought back at the Trail of Blades, he'll let you down into the gladiatorial Gauntlet. Here Kellisai is the master of the gauntlet. You have to fight:

* Hrusk and his dog
* Fashi and his wolf
* Agar and his crag cat
* Claudius and 2 panthers

I didn't find any of the fights really hard, going in as a ranger with the 1/2 orc on my side. I was able to charm the beasts to help me out :) In any case, when you win, you now own the bar and are paid weekly from their profits. You also have a champion badge.

The zoo is to the northeast. You should have the key from the druid in the central area. There are some grumpy visitors, ignore them. Head right and around to the top. If you leave the doors closed you can do it without killing them, or if you're seeking revenge for the poor animals (as I was) you can kill them too. At the end of the loop is the tree, and south of there is the Master of the Pens. Kill him and pul lthe lever to open the cages. Go to the tree and initiate the portal with the scroll the druid gave you. Now go talk to the animals to get them going to the tree. 19xp each. When all are going, head to the tree to make sure they all go through and talk to them again to urge them on. Nyatar the druid gives you 200xp and 400gp when you see him next, and then becomes a merchant.

OK< now for Meladen. Talk to Milly, the cleaning lady to the north. She was once his lover and she give syou a secret key. Give her 10gp for +3 good. The passage is in the back right of her home. Head on in to Meladen's estate. There are imps and fire beetles. You find Grommin the servant by the front door, he won't hurt you. To the south are guards and storerooms. The next room to the north has a chest with a prison key. You find Samuel and get +3 good and 100xp for offering to escort him. The next room has an apprentice and stairs down to level 2.

You find a +1 greatsword in this room which you can have Marrock turn into a Harbinger Kin Greatsword for the sword, Adamantite and 500gp. It's a great sword! Does fire damage. Get down to the main room with the tree on one side and cage on the other. Save here because you're about to fight Meladen. Touch the cage doors to start the fight. I found it REALLY easy - just two or three hits with my Harbinger Kin Greatsword. Let him go, get the key, he gives you nothing else. You get hair from the dryad and 200xp. Offer to escort her for +3 good. When you bring the hair to Lady A, you get 100xp. She offers 500g, refuse to get +10 good. She says the Docks are last on your list.

Give Formosa the key and refuse her necklace for +3 good. She gives you the necklace anyway.

Note assassins attack you again now. You get an anonymous letter from their corpses with instructions to them to kill you. Fenthick gives you 50xp and 250gp for this evidence.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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