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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Docks District

The final quest doesn't have the same single-minded focus as the other three. It's more a Search for the Red Coin quest.

First, talk to the guard. Learn that there are Bloodsailors who are up to something. Gate Captain Soren agrees. Note that on this map there are several body piles to burn. One is to the left, for 25xp.

You learn from MANY people that there is an auction going on at the Seedy Tavern. The rumor is that a cure for the plague is being auctioned off. You need to kill everyone you can get your hands on (that is evil) to get red coins. You should be able to get 20 in the streets. You need a uniform of the Bloodsailors to get in, and Vengual is their leader. Callik is the first lieutenant.

To the left, go on the boat and get uniforms off those guys. A chest has the brooch Daelan is looking for. Another obdy pile is to the top left. To the far North is the Androd estate, that the art theft quest is about. In the center is Jace, who burned down his house when his family died. Festilard in the north says that you need red coins and a uniform for the auction.

In the middle is Hemmel Masterson with his wife Agnes and "manservent" Morden. He says Callik has his amulet.

In 20 In a Quiver, Jerol sells stuff. You can buy 3 red coins from him at 150g a coin. He says Gilda at the Golden Apple has one or two more. If you head over there, Gilda has some but refuses to hand them over. There are 2 muggers upstairs with 1 coin each. It all works out :) Nothing else here.

OK on to the Seedy Tavern. First, Jalek enters a drinking contest with you. You drink: Neverwinten Sailor Spirit, Dockside Dunn's, Orc blood Brew, Dwarven Red Eye, Thayvian Fire Juice, and Catoblepas Death Cheese Wine. He admires your spirit and says you can talk to Christov now. Christov gives you a tavern key to get downstairs.

The auctioneer will sell you things for those red coins you found. I bought the +1 longsword for 10 coins, the AC2 +1 leather armor for 5 coins and the shimmering sash of spell resist 12 for 6 coins. None were anywhere near as good as the stuff I already had. Good for selling I suppose.

Ulfnog upstairs knows the password for chef - "Cornerstone". Now head down past Chef, use your key and find sailors, amethysts and sailor Lieutenants. You find Dara'Nei downstairs and promise not to hurt Vengual. She gives you a locket to get through the Jewelled Door in the Silver Sails.

As a side note, in here I took my AC5 +1 armor and some holy water and made myself scales of truth. Heavy armor with +1 bonus, not really worth it to me.

The Silver Sails has lots of spider sand bettles, and a glittering necklace in achest. There's dragon blood upstairs. A jewelled door opens to a bloated spider. Downstairs are the sewers. At the door where it says "Tooth of the Forge" drop in your ceremonial sword. You get an ancient symd of Tyr. The skeletons that attack are easy. Take this to Oleff for +3 good, 200gp and 200xp. He gives you an amulet of will +3.

Note from TheXL: Oleff wants you to find the tombs in Neverwinter. if you find all three you complete his quest for the tombs but not the entire quest. He is looking for one more item, not to be found in any tomb. This item is jacob's Quil. You can get this in Neverwinter city core. In the Moonstone Mask is a man who asks you to bring the tomb items to him instead of Oleff, you should not only refuse this, but he has the jacob's Quil. If you keep on asking to give upo this item, he threatens to leave! And this is good, because when he leaves, he'll give you the Quil. Return this to Oleff for aditional gold and XP bonus and now you have completed the entire quest.

OK, back to the stream. Charox sends you downstream. You fight Callik and 2 guards there, get fairy dust and Hemmel's amulet. Now talk to Vengual and let him go. You get the Cockatrice feather from a crate nearby.

Take the amulet to Hemmel for 150xp, +3 good and 400gp. Note if you go back to tell Dara'Nei that all is OK, she's gone. There's a note there with instructions on an alternate entrance to the sewers.

Give the feather to Lady A for 150xp, ignore the 500g she offers for another +10 good. Now it's time for the Final Ritual!

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