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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Port Llast: The Town

OK, new chapter. You're in the port town of Llast. You start out in the Mercenary area, with all your old henchmen. They'll all continue on with the story but at Level 7 won't tell you much yet. Grab your favorite henchman so that you can now power up whatever you got him in the last chapter.

Liorana starts out saying hello. Lady A tells you to search for the Cult. She admits to worrying about what she's going to do and starts a tale, which she'll finish as you level up more. Aarin Gend is a spymaster who says the cult is around here somewhere. They advise you to start out north, to the caves.

Barax is friendly. Kendrack is the head of the Merc guild, and offers a bounty for the ears of criminals. He'll give you 300g apiece for the 5 criminals:

* Zor, a minotaur in Luskan (in locked room in 2nd floor of Inn south of Luskan)
* The Stirge, a gnome thief in the south road (in top right corner of farmland)
* Wyvern, an elf in the wood (in top left corner of druid camp map)
* Delilah, a halfling to the E (in the archeologist camp in the woods E)
* Yesgar, a 1/2 orc somewhere

Bring back each ear for 125xp and +3 good if you refuse the money. Note that you only learn where Yesgar is if you bring back the other 4 ears, but I refused to harm Zor since he was brought in for false reasons.

When you leave the building, a Farmer's Son finds you and says his dad, Gerrol, needs help north of town. They really are pointing you north!!

When you finish with the caves part, wander around town. The Alliance Arms Inn has Ander who knows of the Black Wolf. He says the cave is east of the Green Griffon. Urth is with family south of town. Bran is in Charwood. Geth is in the wood to the east. Alethor sells anti-lycanthropic stuff. Note that he ends up being the wolf!

Terran is a sweet talking person who says bandits stole his brother Neva outside Charwood. He offers 300g reward. Turns out he is just trying to lure you south to kill you. Ah well, can you trust no one?

Elaith Croolnober was a smuggler and wants to go to Evermeet. He wants you to steal 3 gems to help him go. Sorry, but no.

Darktongue Breakbone wants info on the cult. Note that he's quite friendly until you get close to entering Luskan, at which point he tries to kill you.

The innkeeper says Snake wants workers. A customer upstairs won't talk.

Outside, Shaldrissa Dothwintyl, daughter of the Mayor, idolizes you. I offered to train her but she wanted 1000gp to be outfitted "properly". I said that was a bit extreme, how about 250g, and she swore at me and refused to talk to me again. Hmmmmmmmm.

Haljal Throndor runs the Cracked Anvil merchant shop. Lerner says his friend was killed by someone looking for me. Oooops. Head to the grove to the northeast to meet Ballard. He has trouble in the woods - Aawill druid sent 3 friends into the woods and lost them. The bushes here have fernberries. Now it's time to head east.

Eltoora is in the northern part of the map and sells magical items. She wants five tomes. For each tome you bring in, you get 500gp and 125xp. You can also go into her home by using the portal behind her, to read the results of each tome you bring in.

Fire: fire beetle belly + quartz crystal - cast fireball
Ice: skeleton knuckles + quarts crystal - cast mage armor
Resonance: fen berry + ettercap silk = cast lightning bolt
Death: ettercap silk + skeleton knuckles - cast impr invisibility
Life: fen berry + quartz crystal - cast endure elements

In the farmhouse to teh south, upstairs - Urth in library. Fight - give charm. He gives ring for Neurik. 74xp. Talk to dad - get 300 gold.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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