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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Port Llast: East in the Woods

When you're done with the northern area, head east. This is the Neverwinter Wood. The first map area has trolls in it. There are 2 berries in the bush by the tree to the south. Geth (the werewolf kid) is also to the south. Beat him into submission (with regular weapons) and then give him the charm to heal him. You get 74xp and he gives you a ring for Neurik. Give it to Neurik for 150gp and 74xp.

There are 3 caves to the south. Troll Level 1 has a corpse in the northwest corner - this has the journal that your druid-friend is seeking. She gives you 200xp and a pendant of the elf +3 when you return it to her. Level 2 has lots of water, entrances NW. N and NE are to the shallow caves. SW leads deeper into the caves. There's a door in the lower center. Watch out for the troll shamans. You can't get to the zig-zag area in the middle. Trolls Level 3 doesn't have much.

Creator Ruins Level 1 has a prism blossom seed in the crate to the right. This is for your gnome-buddy :) A Seal Guardian Golem says "Qarth sucksa turth". Hmmmmm. Only masters may pass, you need the Ring of Gax. You find a golem signet ring in a southwest chest, and TONS of gargoyles with skulls if you wanted a gargoyle skull for customizing something. Give the golem the golem ring to pass.

OK down. Creator Ruins Level 2. More gargoyles. A chest to the south has a creator scroll - "Thurth mog lama gat rag". To the southeast is a sash of shimmering. Now the 2nd golum - read the scroll then talk to him. He lets you in.

Creator Ruins Level 3. The door on the south corridor has a Grey Render behind it. The center has a dead thief with a journal and key. The very center has 2 history scrolls. The Creator Race had slaves in the ice age, and Faerun was ruled by the cruel creators who waited in stasis during that ice age. Meaning they're still slumbering right now. Uh oh.

The 3rd golem fights you. Go through him to 3 creator sorcerers. Then you get one more that talks to you. He's surprised that you're not ruled, and that dragons don't rule you. He says he's with the master race - perfect. He's Synsilliosarain, the Queen woke them up. She's Tykalatian Matriarch. Try to let him flee - he attacks - kill him. You find a book of the Dread Queen Morag and a Complete History of the Creator Ruins. You also finda portal to the surface (level 1 caves).

Janis is to the side, he needs his son, Revat. Go down to level 2 Trolls, find note to Amatia, and in the center is the Troll Chieftain.

OK, now to the dig site. Jax is looking for the creator race and gives you a Barracks Key. Give him the Creator Ruins book for 500g and 500xp. He runs off to Waterdeep. Now talk to Ravat who gives you a ring. Delilah is upstairs. Beat her into submission and take her ear, but let her go. You get +3 good and 125xp when you return the ear to the merc but refuse the money.

You get Luskan's Arcane Brotherhood book in the camp. Lenton wants the head of the troll. Give it to him for 200xp and +3 good, he leaves. There's a cave entrance to the north of the camp - jump in, get the mom, head back. Refuse the 300gp and get +3 good and 250xp, they both go.

You're done with this map now, head back and regroup.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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