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NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
The Five Henchmen

There are four henchmen you can hire to help you out. Only one at a time can go with you. You can have your henchmen level up if you switch between them after you've gained a level. Note that it doesn't really matter which one you take, so try to take one that is most helpful based on your character class. If you're not a thief, it might be good to have a thief along. Or maybe you'd like a fighter to help out if you're not a strong melee person.

Note that you should end up hiring ALL FIVE of these during Chapter One. Talk to each one and get the full story out of each - they won't tell you all the details until you hit level 6. When you learn what they want, give it to them.

My personal favorite is Daelan, he's strong, loyal and bashes chest and doors in easily!

Tomi Undergallows
Character type: halfling thief
Location: in same room with Aribeth
Interest: interested in Prison District
Story: Fell in love with daughter of man he was supposed to assassinate, ended up watching father and boss kill each other and gaining credit for both deaths. He wants a document proving he was innocent of the father's death, so daughter will still love him.
Solution: You bring a forged document about "Hayden" that you find in the wheelwright's building in the southeast area of Beggar's Nest. He gives you 100xp and a Ring of Rogue +1

Daelan Red Tiger
Character type: half-orc fighter
Location: Trail of Blades
Interest: interested in Docks
Story: His human mom fell in love with a 1/2 orc, who were the mortal enemy of his tribe. Think Romeo and Juliet. He was shunned by them and wants to prove his worth. He's missing the broach of his mom.
Solution: You find that broach in the pirate ship in the Docks area, where there are the 3 guys you steal the uniforms from. He gives you 100xp and a amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe +1

Character type: lawful evil monk
Location: Trail of Blades
Interest: interested in Beggar's Nest
Story: He was wrapped up in doings at Mithral Hall and ended up shunned. In essence his evil nature disturbed those around him. Now he wants to kill a woman and prove she's dead to his superiors.
Solution: You find a silver ring with a falcon design on it in Beggar's Nest. He gives you 100xp and an Amulet of Long Death +1.

Character type: human archer
Location: Trail of Blades
Interest: interested in BlackLake area
Story: Her mom used her her dad to live the high life and was upset when he died and left her penniless. The mom next planned for Sherwyn to marry a rich guy so she could have more money. Sherwyn instead fell for a bard, and the mom was furious. Sherwyn ran off with the bard, and the rich guy ended up dying from the plague anyway. Sherwyn wants to become famous, and wants to find a flower/cure for her mom who is sick.
Solution: You find a Celestial Elixir in the BlackLake area. You get 100xp and a Belt of Performer +1

Linu La'Neral
Character type: cleric
Location: Trail of Blades
Interest: Interested in BlackLake area
Story: She is the MOST clumsy person ever known and has caused all sorts of trouble with her clumsiness. One thing she did was to lose the Silver Chalice of Moon bow.
Solution: You find the chalice in the final room between the Dryad and the tree in M's home in BlackLake. You get 100xp and a Pendant of the Elf.

Boddyknock Glinckle
Character type: mage
Location: Trail of Blades
Interest: Interested in the Prison District
Story: He wanted to be a mage and was very cautious and careful about how he went. He wants a leaven bread recipe.
Solution: You find this recipe at the Baker's shop on the left side of the Beggar's Nest. You get 100xp and a Lantanege Ring +1

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