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Star Wars Pit Droid Walkthroughs

Pit Droid uses random maps for each level. However, the maps are of a certain "type". If you play the easy level and start in the Transport Ship, you'll always begin with a one-arrow puzzle. These walkthroughs describe the styles of puzzle you meet at each stage, and how to solve them.

For simplicity's sake, I chose the first three types of puzzles that tend to appear for each set in each level.

Easy Level
Transport Ship
Watto's Shop
Mos Espa
Hutt Flats
Watto's Junkyard
Mos Espa Market
Arena Hanger

When you move up in levels, you get fewer droids to play with, but you also get more points per droid you save. The puzzles are of the same style, but become harder to implement.

Star Wars Pit Droid Puzzles

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