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Planescape Torment:
Rag Square

The building to the south here has rats - kill them for their tails. The next building over has Jarym - he needs a ruby for a spell. You get the ruby from Aola at the end of the long Mar-box-quest (Mar is by the flophouse). When you give him the ruby, he gives you coppers and 500xp.

In the middle is Old Mebbeth - a midwife. She has lots of healing items to sell to you. Always a good place to visit. She'll also teach you mage stuff if you go through a series of quests. First she wants a seed to grow. You eventually talk to Mourns-for-Trees and return with the plant. For 500xp she has you will it off your arm, and for 750xp she has you bend it into a frame. Next she wants rags from Grisgorl, which she gives 500xp for. Now she wants ink from Kossah-Jai. You need a tankard from the pottery merchant and then the ink from Meir'am. You get 1000xp for this, 2000xp when you ask her to teach you, and 5000xp for your book, earrings and spells.

To the center right is Sharegrave's house. He wants you to find out what Pharod is up to. He's also missing an ear. Suspicious. He says Pharod is to the north and west, along the platforms. Don't press him too hard, or he'll call in the goons and you'll be forced to kill him.

You get to the Trash Warren by carrying junk over the platform walkway west and north. A portal opens with just puts you a bit west, which is where you enter the Trash Warren area.

Don't go into the portal door to the north. There's only junk in here, and no exit. Vlask appears and wants 100 copper to let you out. He gives you a bead which you crush to make the exit portal.

There's a marrow fiend here which, if you have Annah with you, she recognizes as a historic figure. He has a fingerbone on him. Get the fingerbone in exchange for a bite of you, and switch it with your own finger. You'll get a ring of +2 AC which is cursed to stick on a finger. Good to sell.

Nodd is a collector who seeks his sister Amarysse. When you find her (by the Smouldering Corpse Bar) she gives you 100c to bring back to him. He's happy to get the money and to hear she's doing well as a prostitute (750xp).

Yellow Fingers is the body that goes with Morte. If you give him 50 copper he agrees to drop his claim.

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