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Primal Walkthrough
Getting Started

I love the intro to this game, it's one of the best intros I've seen and really helps establish what is going on. Jen is the girlfriend of a heavy metal singer who is kind but has her life together. After a gig he does in a cool, rough bar, the two are heading out when they are attacked. Jen barely survives the attack and wakes up in the hospital.

It's Scree, a gargoyle, who wakes her up and starts to talk to her. He explains that she's in trouble and that she has to go with him - astrally, not in her real body - to help work out a bad situation. Since her real body is stuck in the hospital anyway, she agrees and goes along.

Jen learns that there is a balance that has to be maintained in the universe between order and chaos, and that she is important in maintaining this order. She also learns that the circular tattoo on her back has some sort of meaning in the alternate world, because she sees it in various locations. Soon she and Scree are on one of the 'outer worlds' to try to restore the balance there.

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