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Primal Walkthrough
Getting to Hern

Jen starts out on a cold world, her breath steaming. Follow the road past the little towers. You'll find a tunnel through the rock. You learn how to switch between Jen & Scree here. You also learn to press-and-hold triangle for status.

Send Scree down the tunnel, out into the outside area, and left into another tunnel with a campfire. Use x to break barrels, but it's a dead end. Use X to grab the torch from the fire.

Roam around some more. Left at fork - you find door that's locked. Away and right, you see a waterfall. If you try to cross the bridge, you can't get across because it's broken. You find half a corpse down by the riverbank. Lovely!

You learn that when Scree presses o he turns into rock!

OK, enough exploring. Head back to that first cave area just past where Jen will venture. Light the pot on fire - now it's safe for her to go in.

Scree climbs! Now you learn he can climb up any stone surface. Go back to the locked door. Scree goes over wall and opens it from the inside. Once in, together they open a big set of doors. When they get in, monsters attack but the king rescues Jen.

It's King Hern. If you know your mythology, this is a Celtic horned god, sort of a mixture of deer and man. Seems this world knows those Celtic legends. He talks about the goddess Aurela. His son, Jared is missing.

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