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Ratchet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal Walkthrough
Titanium Bolt Listing

Titanium bolts are super-special glowing large bolts that you find in hidden areas. Saving these up lets you buy very special upgrades of "skins" - for fun running around as a robot, bug or even Secret Agent Rachet.

Florana - halfway along path of death, to the right

Florana - when you helicopter down after the ladder spot, turn around. The bolt is right behind you.

Phoenix - getting 100 tokens in each game (5 total)

Phoenix - doing all VR missions

Phoenix - winning the gadget contest with Helga (after Tyhrranosis planet)

Marcadia - wall jump on the left side of the big courtyard area

Marcadia - room after the spider symbol - go left. on the left go up and redirect the beam left. This opens a door to the bolt.

Marcadia - next room, there's a large metallic wall to walk up. It's on the ceiling.

Annihilation Nation - in the room with turrets that pop up while you navigate a twisty path, at the end is a ledge. Go up there.. Another description of it - it depends on challenge route you're on, on bridge with side platform on either side, jump on left one and float across to bolt

Annihilation Nation - if first turn is left you can see the bolt. Just jump up the ledges to get to it.

Aquatos - second swimming area, off to the side.

Aquatos - Using the map and magnetic shoes, the bolt is at the very top center of the map.

Aquatos - in center tunnel area - take hypershots from upper area going left to right

Aquatos - after first hacker spot, on left is hacker spot. Ride up for a bolt.

Aquatos - in yellow tube, jump beneath the bridge

Tyhrranosis - behind the building with the second dome to destroy. Over the bridge and hard right. Behind that one around to the right.

Tyhrranosis - once you have the hypershot, go over the bridge and to the tunnel to the left. As you go through the tunnel, spot to left is hypershot spot.

Daxx - go right after watching the pop video

Daxx - hookshot over 3 spots. To your immediate left now is 3 towers - the bolt is there. To get to it, go to the room in the lower left of the map. Hit the button on the ledge, then race fast with the charge boots straight east to the door that is now open. Another way of describing it - first hacker door, then it's through the door to the left that is closed. To open it, go back to the room on the right and press the button.

Gemini - first moon, the bolt is behind a forcefield in a tunnel, directly across from an open tunnel. Go to the spinny thing then run down the tunnel and to the other one to get in before the force field closes again.

Gemini - second moon, from start turn left and over bridge. Go to jump spot - jump up and right to the platinum bolt. If you go all the way up to the bridge just go halfway across it and jump off the bridge to the right.

Holostar Studios - at intertwined duo path, go up one path to tall pillar and go all the way up the top.

Holostar Studios - at intertwined duo path, time it to jump off and land on opposite path. Bolt there too.

Holostar Studios - audience participation room with green seats, at top of seats

Zeldrin Starport - Around to the right from the beginning, in a nook to the north

Zeldrin Starport - hypershot across, hypershot up, - it's up on ledge to the right behind the enemy. Jump up to the left and float over to the right.

Metropolis - go left from the first room through the window. Go straight through the second room and hook shot to the bolt.

Metropolis - fly your hover ship into it during the mission, it's on a metal walkway

Metropolis - go through sunbeams area then go right around the ledge to a bolt. hop up stpes and around.

Zeldrin / Crash Site - Down the magnetic path at the start.

Aridia - under the big main bridge, use gravity boots to get it

Aridia - 'noids coming over the bridge' - big ship. Don't blow up the two blue domes - go hard right up the magnetic trail then jump forward and go behind the building.

Quark's Hideout - from your ship, take the squiggly back path down a gravity boots tube, take a walkway and you'll see it ahead of you. You have to go forward on the walkway until the first snowy spot and then jump down from there.

Koros - on the second island, around left after the picnic area. Jump up blue boxes that leads to trophy then jump over fence.

Koros - In higher picnic area, go around behind building on left and climb ladder up to second floor.

Command Center / Mylon - Talk to the tyrranoid, go up the elevator, then drop down from the force field.

Ratchet and Clank 3 - Up Your Arsenal Walkthrough

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