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Ratchet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal Walkthrough
Vid Card Listing

When you first find Quark, his memory is completely gone. He thinks he's a monkey. You have to gather vid cards in your travels to help him regain his memory. Take them back to your video game unit to help him progress. You earn a titanium bolt in each game by getting all 100 tokens.

Card 1 - from Marcadia
Quark fought the evil pirates
game - Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder / Pirate Booty!
typical platform - you find guns along the way to shoot
should have 72 tokens by the first eel
90/100 in 7:25 = 5400 reward (got the health)
100/100 in 7:36 = 2400 reward (got the bolt)
42/100 in 4:16 = 392 reward

2nd time through game:
100/100 in 6:15 = 90,000 reward
44/100 in 3:16 - 3,960 reward
44/100 in 3:06 - 3,960 reward
41/100 in 2:45 - still no skill point
beat 2:40

You see the speaker complaining about pirate ghost robots. Quark accepted large check that he donated to himself. Whitewater City is under attack? He continues in episode 2. You see Quark watching this. He can talk now. You get a new mission - a holographic device lets you disguise yourself as a Tyrranoid. It's the grand prize on Annihilation Nation. You watch a video of Fred being slain on the death course.

Card 2 - from Annihilation Nation
Quark fought the amoeboids.
Born in Dr. Nefarious's labs. Quark takes over the telling of the story by crayon story.
game - Arriba Amoeba
another platformer, now with a flamethrower and wall jump
health - at 3 platform 'stairs' going up - jump left and flame the wall
BBQ time - have 11
beneath the 2nd pink sign, wall jump up and back left for a hidden 10 - have 44 now
past the green rolly thing drop down beneath the electricity and fire the wall to get down. hidden 10 = 78 total

70/100 in 6:41 = 7000 reward
2:10 - skill point

Dr. Nefarious fled Blackwater City in disgrace.

Card 3 - from Courtney Gauntlet run
Shadow of the Robot.
Quark went to the secret robotic lab. He's spotted immediately. It turns out Quark went to 9th grade with the Dr. and tortured him. Quark thinks that he has destroyed him.
this platformer has moving floors but no ending boss
6:22 and 69 = 13800 reward
4:45 and 90 plus health = 9740 reward
3:37 and 100 = 3640 reward
1:50 - skill point

Card 4 - after Quark's "death"
Deja Q All Over Again
After defeating Dr. N, he returned to his condo in Metropolis. He watches a soap opera. Helga shows up. Meanwhile, Dr. N sends out his robots.
3Dish platformer with supports that slide in and out. There are jumps you have to do blind, following the quark token trail. You run into a ladder and flaming bus. Beneath it is a token. 49 tokens at the gun spot. The end boss is Dr. N.
9:37 at 90 = 7200 reward

"I will return someday to destroy you" says the head of Dr. N. Al wants to unlock the secret costumes. Ratchet realizes that Metropolis is the next stop.

Card 5 - after Quark's crash landing
The shaming of the Q
Quark is captured by Dr. N. He escapes ...
This is a side scroller with an ever-rising pool of freezing water. You have to hop left-to-right through the ice field as the water comes up beneath you. No pausing on this one!

7:51 and 90/100 = 22500 reward

you see Quark hiding out on his Thran Asteroid. When Dr. N never came back, Quark came out of hiding. Ratchet and Clank 3 - Up Your Arsenal Walkthrough

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