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Ratchet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal Walkthrough

Florana is a green and brown tree world, with zip lines (vines) to slide down from area to area. The vendor gives you two new items here -

N60 Storm 15,000
Plasma whip 7500

I love the plasma whip so I would get that at this point. You can hold R1 and press circle to throw the whip, it's really cool. Go across the platforms slaying creatures. While you can swim, there are killer fish in the water so don't stay in there long. Cthulu the Snake Demon comes up out of the water, slay him. Go into the building to the right with the green dot decorations. Another boomerang dude is in there. Go in and leap up to the left - use R1 and X to long jump across to the other side. Guys come in on green slidy vines, kill them. Go up the yellow ladder to the left, jumping and using X. There's a vendor up here to replenish with.

Soar down to the lower level. You're told that there is a box that lets you get into Inferno Mode - temporarily upgrading your armor and weapon. Nanotech increase - 12. Move on to a room with little red guys. Fight your way to the end area and do the X X wall jump up to the yellow ladder on the right. Climb up to a platform level.

You can go left and right up here to gather boxes. When you're ready, slide down the green rope. You'll land on a lower monster area with lots of creatures to kill. Go up the yellow ladder at the end. Now slide down the next vine.

Suddenly a little monkey is on you. A giant monkey says "you walk path of death". Of course, you're now at the path of death and have a vendor here to restock.

Really, this is a traditional obstacle course, as any Mario player will instantly recognize. First you hop along falling items, then dodge the boulders. Next you move up and along the path to firey spots. You get just one health and then face an evil fire squadron.

Next you end up with flames and boulders all at once, and finally reach a new vendor spot. The monkey dude is there. Ratchet is a bit annoyed. "OK we walked your path of death!" You ask about Dr. Nefarious and say that he's the only man to have beaten him. Yup, just as you knew, this is Captain Quark. Now you face a boss battle with Jungle Quark Guy.

You get back up to full health for me I'm now at 13/13. His attacks harm you about 5 per hit. Your monkey opponent has a health bar in the bottom right of the screen. He gets friends in to help him every once in a while. The technique that seems to work here is to run from him, jump when he boomerangs and then fire from afar.

Note that this battle isn't easy. Just keep with it and perfect your jumping and attacking techniques, and build up your health. Building up your health and weapon power is KEY in this game. Don't just race through, or you will find all levels very tough. Be patient and it's worth it.

When you beat him, Quark the Monkey oooos at you. Once you put on your mask he jumps into the ship with you.

You get an incoming call from Captain Sasha on the Starship Phoenix. I'm really pleased that they had a female captain - not too long ago that would have been 'strange'. Nowadays it is pretty normal!! She says to bring Quark-Ape to the Phoenix.

The Ratchet Trophy is on this level. Go up the wall jump to the ladder, and at the top go "backwards" to the other side of the platform. Hop along the ledge further along the edge to the trophy.

On the Path of Death, halfway around, turn right and look - you'll see the bolt that is easy to jump to.

Ratchet and Clank 3 - Up Your Arsenal Walkthrough

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