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Rock Band Walkthrough
Band Basics

For better or for worse, the band system in Rock Band revolves around ONE LEADER who plays ONE INSTRUMENT. Any time the band plays, someone must be playing THAT instrument, otherwise the band cannot play. That means if you are all sick of playing the drums, you're out of luck if the lead person for the band was designated as a drummer.

We all like the guitar, so we set up our band with a guitar player as the leader. That way at least someone in the room is willing to play guitar any time the band is going to do something. You could also go with the singer, but it's a lot harder to get the vocals right on some of the more challenging songs.

Have fun customizing your characters - and you're going to unlock a LOT of cool costumes and instrument choices for them too. Really, though, as much fun as this is, don't obsess too much about your character. The screen is so full of indicators and controls that you can barely see the background and character images.

It is really cool that if you do very well, the crowd starts to sing along with you. I love that part!

On the down side, as you progress through the game, it requires more and more fans to get to new locations - but it also stops letting you earn new fans without raising difficulty. That is, at some point you can't earn more fans any more on "easy". You have to play on "medium". This sucks if you have a younger player in the house, because BOTH (or all) players have to play on medium. You can't have one person on medium and one on easy and earn more fans. So you're stuck at the level you are at and can't see new locations once you reach that point, unless you have someone else step in to play on medium.

When we hit 49,0005 total fans and 81 stars, it told us we could no longer earn fans by playing easy. We had to go to medium.

Rock Band Walkthrough

Rock Band Review

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