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Rock Band Walkthrough

We have a lot of karaoke games, and they are a ton of fun. More than that, they are actually really good vocal coaches. You see exactly how sharp or flat you are, and get real time feedback on how well you are doing. Talk about a system that singers in the olden days would pay thousands of dollars to have access to! You can really become a better singer by playing this game.

The key with singing is to be on key. You need to learn to sing accurately. The game doesn't really care what words you sing. You could sing "ma ma ma" for all it cares. The game cares that you are properly on key, and holding your notes.

This is a skill that anybody can learn with practice. Watch the display. Slide your own voice up or down to meet what it is aiming at. If you are having trouble hearing, try using a headphone. That can really help you focus on the vocals. You can also use your controller to adjust the volume of the singer (in relation to the rest of the soundtrack) up higher in volume. You need to use a real controller in conjunction with the mike, since the mike doesn't have buttons :)

Many regular singing techniques work well here since, of course, you are singing :). Stand up when you're singing. Stand up STRAIGHT. Look forward as much as possible, not down. Take in deep breaths and sing "out" not down.

Rock Band Walkthrough

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