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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Cast Listing

Carl "CJ" Johnson - Young Maylay
You, the main character. Recently returned from Liberty City to your hometown. Strangely this is the only known acting for Young Maylay, when in previous games they went with very famous voices. Even here they have Samuel L. Jackson. Why go with an unknown?

Sean "Sweet" Johnson - Faizon Love
Your older brother, leader of the Grove Street gang. He's upset at you at first but comes to appreciate you. Fazion's been in several movies, none really well known.

Kendl Johnson - Yolanda "Yo Yo" Whitaker
Kendl is your lovely sister who is all grown up. She's fallen in love with a hispanic - something your brother Sweet doesn't appreciate. The actress in fact played "Yo Yo" in Boyz N The Hood and Menace II Society.

Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris - Clifton Powell
Another friend from childhood - this one is tubby and has moved out of the 'hood' into a bigger, better house. How did he get the money? From his aunt? Clifton has been in a ton of movies including Menace II Society with Yo Yo.

Lance "Ryder" Wilson - MC Eiht
A flaky friend from childhood - is he really still a friend? He smokes pot and digs holes in his back yard. MC's only been in 3 movies, and one of them was ... Menace II Society! Pattern forming here?

Jeffrey "O.G. Loc" Cross - Jonathan Anderson
OG has come out of jail recently and wants to be a famous rapper. Unforunately he lacks talent. Jonathan's only other acting credit is in The Source.

Mark "B. Dup" Wayne - The Game
Dup is a friend who has drifted away.

Barry "Big Bear" Thorne - Kurt 'Big Boy' Alexander
Big Bear is another friend who is now a crack-head. Big Boy's claim to fame is he played Bosley's cousin in Charley's Angel II.

Emmet - Eugene Jeter Jr.
Emmet is an old timer who supplies old time guns to you. They're better than nothing.

Madd Dogg - Ice T
A famous rapper, OG is jealous of Dogg and spends his time stealing material and slaying managers of Dogg's. Ice T is pretty famous too, having been in a ton of movies.

Cesar Vialpando - Clifton Collins, Jr
Cesar is the true love of your sister, Kendl. You don't trust Cesar at first, but he ends up being there when you need him. Clifton (also known as Clifton Gonzales Gonzales) was also in ... Menace II Society!

Officer Frank Tenpenny - Samuel L. Jackson
This cop is dirty. He abuses you right from the start, and is a dope fiend on the side. Samuel is one of the finest actors in the industry, seen in Pulp Fiction, the Star Wars series, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill II, and Basic, to name only a few.

Officer Eddie Pulaski - Chris Penn
Tenpenny's right hand man is equally nasty. Chris has been in many famous movies - Easy Rider, Bridge over the River Kwai, Reservoir Dogs, etc. He's well worth watching!

Officer Hernandez - Armando Riesco
They say bad news always comes in threes ... here's the third bad cop. Armando was also a "bit" voice in GTA-VC, as a "supplier".

Catalina - Cynthia Farrell
Catalina is Cesar's cousin and she is a psycho. First she hates you - then she loves you and ties you up. Then she hates you but wants you to be jealous.

The Truth - Peter Fonda
Tenpenny hooks you up with The Truth, who is a drug dealer and has you stealing equipment for him and moving his dope. Peter is an amazing actor who has been in trillions of movies including Easy Rider and Ocean's Twelve.

Zero - David Cross
Zero is a friend of The Truth who is into electronics. You buy Zero's shop to help him out, and get involved in remote controlled planes. David has been in lots of movies, including Men in Black.

Jizzy B - Charlie Murphy
Jizzy is a pimp that you get really annoyed with and decide to use and abuse.

T-Bone Mendez - Kid Frost
T-Bone is a punk that works with Jizzy. T-Bone doesn't treat you very well.

Mike Torreno - James Woods
Mike is T-Bone's real boss that is cool and collected most of the time. James is another great actor, seen in a ton of movies. He's also been in many video games now, including playing Hades in Kingdom Hearts II.

Wu Zi Mu - James Yaegashi
Wu Zi, as his friends know him, runs the fast car racing in the southwestern Whetstone area. He's an elegant oriental that happens to be blind. He tries to manage the triads fairly.

Ran Fa Li - Hunter Platin
Ran is an oriental friend of Wu Zi's. Ran tends to grunt a lot, which is then "translated" by his assistant.

Kent Paul - Danny Dyer (same as in GTA-VC)
In Vice City, Kent Paul was an English musician that you hook up with on a number of missions. You really liked him and his band!

Maccer - Shaun Ryder

Ken Rosenberg - Bill Fichtner (same as from GTA-VC)
Ken Rosenberg is a wimpy lawyer in GTA-VC who you do some missions with, and then he passes you along to his cowboy friend.

Salvatore Leone - Frank Vincent (same as from GTAIII)
Salvatore was your friend way back in GTA3, when you took his girl out for a fun night. In GTA3 he did try to crush you in a car at the end ... so you hooked up with the Yakuza and killed Salvatore.

Maria La Torra - Debi Mazar
Johnny Sindocco - Casy Siemaszko
Jimmy Silverman - Gary Yudman
Bettina - Noelle Sadler
Jethro - John Zurhellen
Dwaine - Navid Khonsari
Millie Perkins - Orfeh
Barbara Schternvart - Danielle Lee Greaves
Denise Robinson - Heather Alicia Simms
Michelle Cannes - Vanessa Aspillaga
Helena Wankstein - Bijou Phillips
Katie Zhan - China Chow

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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