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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Background and Start

You begin with a set of intro credits that lasts a minute or two. A menu screen comes on for a moment, then it launches right into the game - more loading time with various pictures of people including the infamous leaning-over woman.

You start out at Francis Intl Airport, Liberty City 1992. The voiceover says that you spent five years in the east coast, it was time to come home. Now you're at Los Santos Intl Airport.

You get a not-so-nice welcome home. You watch the cops putting you down on your stomach and cuffing you. They take your cash - "This is drug money"... "Welcome home, Carl" . They bash your head and call after the "greaseball Mexicans". There's a lot of "my bad" going on here. The cops are disrespectful - "How ya been Carl, how's your wonderful family?"

You just sit and watch the cops drive around - they claim it's your gun that killed a cop recently. They toss you out into a bad neighborhood. This is Bawlers territoriy - the opposite gang from your own Grove Street group.

They make it sound like you're going to be jumped and killed immediately, but don't worry about it. Really your only mission here is to ride a bike home, quite simple really. Just walk forward, then use the triangle to jump on the BMX bike.

Now ride the bike to the CJ on the map. "Grove Street - home"

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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