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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
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The Ballers are making deals and bringing in guns. Tenpenny wants you to go to a freight warehouse and see what's going on there. Apparently the Russians are in on this.

Drive on out to the docks. You see various loadingactivities of sportscars. You have to find a way inside. Just drive straight in and shoot the guards - there's body armor up on the metal containers in front of you. Now go to the first metal door behind this spot and shoot out the lock to the left of it.

Inside are a few guards - kill them and work your way around. They want you to use your strafing and rolling skills here - if you do, then it's relatively easy. If you can't do this yet, it's time to learn. There's a heart in one corner and body armor in another to help out.

You'll get back to a stairs area. Clear out all the money and guns here before you start up the stairs. You're told to take out the arms dealer in his office. At this point it's a matter of you trying to shoot him while all his guards try to shoot you. Don't get too distracted by the guards - your aim is to chase the main guy and kill him.

If you don't get to him in time, he'll get to his car and take off - meaning now you have to find a car, steal it and chase after him across town - repeatedly ramming him until his car explodes.

Mission passed
(no respect or mone)

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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