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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Reuniting the Families

All the families are going to meet and talk about keeping drugs off the streets. The meet is at a motel, so hop in the car to drive your buddies there.

Sweet tells everyone to stay cool. The meet is right near the train tunnel. When you get there, he tells you to wait here for him. While you're sitting there - the helicopter comes in "This is the Los Angeles Police Department" and the other guys take off on you. Shouldn't it be Los Santos? You're left with tons of cops and a yellow spot. Go directly into the yellow spot.

There's a vending machine there for health. Shoot cops as you go, heading up the stairs and down the hall. Be sure to reload whenever it's safe to. At the end are some of your guys. Shoot the cops that descend on ropes. Go up the stairs for some body armor and then back down into the corner area again. Go down the other hall to another corner area and sweep the cops there. Once again, move down the next "arm" of the motel.

You'll reach an end room on the right with Sweet who is happy to see you. The two of you go up onto the roof when a helicopter comes out. You have to shoot the guys down from the helicopter and then blast away at it until it calls Mayday. Now you run after Sweet who is going down the stairs. When you reach the ground floor, your guys show up in the car. You two hop in the back.

Now you're on a shooting spree, where you shoot out the windows of the car while it takes a course through the streets. You'll get verbal warnings when there are enemies on a given side of you - other than that, fire behind you at whoever is chasing you. Watch the car health, that's really what matters here.

There'll be a cut scene with two motorcycle cops on donuts, and you'll probably be half dead here. A cop will be on the roof in a second, shoot him off, then keep shooting the chasers.

You'll have your gun jam and then he rides into a helicopter, and the car goes off a cliff into a gas truck. Luckily you all jump out and are OK!

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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