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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
The Green Sabre

Everyone starts cheering for the Grove Street gang. He wants everyone to get guns and meet him under the Mulholland intersection. You get a phone call - It's Cesar. He says he has to tell you something - to see something important. He's under the freeway. You don't have a timer, which is good. Drive over to the yellow spot on the map.

When you get to the red spot there, you're told to go down the alley and get in the car there. You are under the highway just south of City Hall. The car you want has a blue marker over it. When you do, you see the Ballers as well as Ryder and Big Smoke opening the door. The Green Sabre and cops are in there. The cop says something to Smoke but you can't hear it. You tell Cesar to go get Kendl and take her somewhere safe - you are going to go warn Sweet that he's heading into a trap.

Find another car and drive off to where Sweet is. There's no timer counting, but you do have a Sweet health bar on the screen. You only get Sweet's answering machine, and leave him a message of swearing. The path in there is tough and twisty, and he's half dead before you get in there. The key here is to LEARN that section of town really well, so you know how to get to that underpass area. Also be sure to go in with full body armor and health

The route we took is to head north heading right around the elbow curve. Go straight to the T, then jug right and go down the driveway, going straight down the alley. You'll end up back on a road that passes a "train hard" billboard. Again at an ending spot just jog a little right and you can keep going straight to the destination. Practice this a few times before you get into the car with Cesar.

When you take out all the bad guys, you find that Sweet was hit. He tells you to take off, as more Ballers show up. Waves come in - keep shooting them and the van as they do. You don't have a health bar for Sweet any more so your main concern is to kill all of the Ballers. When you do, the cops show up to arrest you. They put a bag over your head. You're taken to the middle of nowhere by them. "Sweet is alive and inside" in a prison hospital and awaiting trial. They say "nobody has caught you, Carl" - they want you to do a favor for them.

They tell you to stay away from Smoke and away from them two. Apparently Internal Affairs has a cop in a safehouse - they want you to go destroy that evidence. They want evidence that he won't talk. You have just a camera and nothing else.

*sigh* the mission is NOT over yet. Follow the map to the donut symbol, which nicely gives you a save game spot right outside. Now step into the red spot - this finishes the previous mission and launches you immediately into the next one - Badlands.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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