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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Sweet and Kendi

You drive to the cemetery, and see 2 guys and a girl. "I can't believe she gone, man". Your and your brother fight, your sis stomps off. The family swears non-stop. Your brother lists off everyone who is dead. Eventually the group of 4 guys head back to the car, but the rival gang shows up. The car explodes and all that is left are bikes.

This race is tough - not only do you have to keep up with your friends but you have to avoid the cars trying to kill you. Eventually you get to a stopping point and they harass you a bit. Then there's another round of riding fast and keeping up with them. Eventually you get back to your home turf.

"So when ya leaving Carl?" they don't want your help. You insist. "Get yourself some colors and a haircut"

The game says you can save in CJ's house, and save a vehicle by parking it in the garage.

mission passed respect +

If you go in The Johnson House, you're told saving advances time by 6 hours. Upstairs is a wardrobe -

white tank
blue jeans
black low-tops

There's a camera next to the bed.

Leave your home again - cell phone call, answer with L1. The guy says it's dangerous out there

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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