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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Tagging Up Turf

You're told to go see Sweet. He and Smoke are playing basketball. "The Johnson Brothers are rolling again" They give you spraypaint - now you get in Sweet's car. First, drive to the yellow spot on the map. You two get out. You watch him do the first tag, and are told to press R1 to lock on then circle to spray a new tag over the existing one.

Note that you're right near the tattoo parlor here if you want to get one and actually have money left after your haircut :) I have the list online but they will show you the various tattoos before you buy one.

If you look carefully at your map you'll see two green squares. Run forward to the green spots. You'll see the tag on the wall in front of you when you're there. Press R2 to cycle to the spray paint can.

So the tags are right across the street from your car. Go around to the back side of houses one is on the brick wall there. When you've done enough, it says 2/100 tags.

When you get both done, you drive to a new spot. He abandons you here. Again find and spray the tags. First you see two to the left. Do the one right in front of you. Then go into the alley towards the next green spot. You'll see two enemies in purple. Switch to your fists with R2 and beat the 2 guys up. When you're done, spray over their design.

If you go over to the yellow spot, it's Clickin' Bell, a chicken place. Now go on to the red spot - press square to hop the fence. Next go over the 2nd fence and left - then go up twice to get up onto the roof. Tag 6/100 is on the front side, towards the street. When you're done, Sweet says quick get in.

Jump down and left - get in the car and drive back home again. When you're there, you say you have no cash, he leaves.

You earn $200 - respect +

Now you can get a spray can at CJ's mom's house.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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