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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough
Cleaning the Hood

OK, this is what I would call your first "real" mission. First you hear your buddies all argue about the drug situation. You and Ryder are sent out to clean up the crack-heads while Sweet and Smoke stay behind. Get into the car and drive to the yellow spot. You find your old friend Big Bear is now a crack-head that is a man-servant in return for drugs. It upsets you.

You two decide to go beat up a crack dealer. Luckily they're not hard to find. Just drive two blocks away to the red spot, the car stops automatically. Target him with R1 and hammer the attack button - the targeting reticule will fade into red as he is injured. When he's dead you grab his bat and get into the car again.

Again drive only a block or two to the yellow spot, the Crack Den. Go inside. This is a hard fight if only because the camera angles keep blocking things. Target with R1 and hammer away. If you don't make it, you are sent to the hospital and have to run back to the "S" spot on the map to try again.

When you eventually kill everyone, you two drive back to Sweet's house, it's a straight drive path.

Mission passed
Respect +

You get a cell phone call, with a message from Officer Tenpenny not to leave town.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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