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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

Be sure to save before starting this one!

Your buddies want to go eat chicken. You all get into the car. Cluckin' Bell drive through is your destination. Drive on over to the yellow spot on the left side of the map. When you hit the red spot "Can I take your order please ..."

You ask your brother about mom - but they just want to eat. You guys get your food and see some guys in a red car scoping you out. You realize they're going to go shoot down your friends. Now comes the hard part.

Your aim is to ride alongside the red car so your friends can shoot at them. Unfortunately this tends to attract the cops who will make your job more difficult. It's actually easier to ride right behind them than to be aside them, since it is easier to know which way they're turning. You can also bump them from behind to help hurt their car and get it to explode.

Once they're dead, you have to get back to Sweet's house. This can be tough! Eventually you get back and they argue about the situation. CJ says he'll give Smoke a ride back to his house.

It's a few blocks away - drive him there. He says he missed you.

Mission passed
$200 - respect +

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

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